All our electroplating treatments are the result of a long and complex process.
The available finishes are perfectly suited to every customer need and offer high quality aesthetic solutions.

1. 41 different finishes
2. Touch electroplating treatment


41 different finishes

Shiny, satin and velour electroplated finishes in various colours

Cromoplastica CMC is currently the only company able to provide fully industrialised production of as many as 41 different electroplating treatments, compared with an average of 6-8 finishes provided by our competitors.

Our selection of electroplated finishes comprises three distinct variations (shiny, satin and velour) for the base colours:

  • chromium, nickel, white bronze
  • silver
  • metal black, graphite
  • sahara, coral
  • extra light gold (1N), light gold (2N), standard gold (3N)
  • rose gold (only in the shiny version).

As well as the above, a further 6 colours are being developed to provide our customers with new decorative solutions for their plastic objects. The additions are gold purple and gold purple plus, both available in shiny, satin and velour variations

Click here and download the pdf to view all 41 available finishes

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Touch electroplating treatment

Our colours are suitable for all types of surfaces

Our finishes are also nice to the touch. We’re talking about a particular “touch” or embossed plastic electroplating technique. Thanks to our technology, we maintain every microscopic tactile aspect on the object, without sacrificing quality.

The faithful reproduction of even the smallest decoration is only possible through electroplating, unlike metallisation, which eliminates almost all microscopic reliefs on the object.

Discover the industries to which we provide our touch electroplating treatments!